When You Go On Vacation Or Holiday, When Do You Normally Pack

I drive my wife crazy, I wait until the day we are leaving or at least a couple of hours before we go. I hate packing everything up 3 days before, I need half of the stuff I wear so I don't want to pack it if I'm going to need it before we gas up and head out. I don't mean to boil her blood but I just don't see the need [...]

When Going Away, How Soon Do You Start Packing Before You Go

I am going off on my hols on Saturday and I have already got everyone packed and ready to go!! I started packing the cases on Tuesday and finished them off today, so I am quite pleased with myself, there are only a few bits left to go now! I'm so glad that I learned all about storage answers so that I can pack lighter & more efficiently. So my question to all my lovely myLotter friends is how soon before a holiday [...]

What Stuff Do You Usually Buy As Souvenirs From The Different Places You Visit

i usually buy tee-shirts with prints about the places i visit. like the one i bought from a town that loves chilly food, it has the name of the town and the letters are made up of red peppers. and then, another one i bought from Baguio City with prints of the rice terraces and other popular spots. I love finding unknown designs and then wearing then when I return back home. and then i also buy [...]

If You Can Go Back To The Past...

If you have a time machine and you can go back to the past to fix something, which stage will you go to? I think I will go back to the time when I was in the kindergarten. I would tell my parents not [...]

Can You Sleep While Travelling

I hope the answer is no if you do so while driving lol. Many persons find it difficult to sleep while traveling whether it is in a bus, ship or plane .Maybe they have a fear or crashing in their sleep .I have no such qualm, I have been known to doze off many a times and even found my head on the shoulder of my fellow passengers(even [...]

Fly Me

The last time that I flew anywhere was last october when I flew home from Singapore. When was the last time that you took a flight? [...]

Do You Carry A Lot Of Cash When You Travel

Or do you just depend on your ATM card. I Travel two hours to work everyday. I very often forget to check the amount of cash that is there in my purse. This specially happens on Mondays because I am at home on Sunday and sometimes have finished all my cash. I have my ATM card in my purse always and just withdraw money [...]

Where Did You Go On Your First Airplane Ride

For me, it was in 1987, when I turned 21 and decided to take a trip to Los Angeles to celebrate my 21st birthday. My twin sister was suppose to come with me but her and her partner at the time bought themselves a home so that became first priority. I chose LA because most of my mother's family lived there and an Uncle [...]

How Do You Spend Your Time While Travelling Long Distance

Usually, I keep two Books in my hand bag and I spend most of the time reading.When there is a bit of greenery[some fruit trees]or a big lake then I gaze out of the window, but apart from the chats with members of my family, I usually spend all the time reading.How do you spend your time?--sleeping,chatting,reading, playing [...]

Would You Travel If You Had More Money

Some people sit at home wishing to travel. I imagine that they can't afford to travel. One of my friends is retired and she relies on on-line earning to go on a trip every year. When I was a teenager I didn't have much money. I saved money from my Paper round to go to Greece. I suggest visiting a neighboring Country or [...]

Are You A Traveler

There are people that just have it in their blood to travel but there are those who would just rather be at home. I have known people that have never left the place they were raised then others who never stopped moving when they were old enough to go. What about you..are you a traveler or would you rather stay home? Maybe [...]

Do You Overpack When You Travel

Or are you able to keep it to a minimum? I am going away for a week and I find my suitcase filling up fast....since the weather has been cooler here someday..then on the verge of hot I need to pack fo [...]

Hello, Cant Stop, Got To Be Going

Replying to a discussion earlier made me think just how nomadic many people on myLot are. Many have lived in different countries, or moved extensively about their own country. Despite having done a huge amount of traveling, I have lived in only two different countries and three English counties. How many countries, States [...]

I Just Want To Be Where

If you were able to visit just one country in the World that you had not been to before where would you go? Personally I have always wanted to visit New Zealand. I have know several New Zealanders and they have described a wondrous place to me with a myriad vistas and a diverse topography. So where is your dream destination. [...]

Ive Packed My Bags And Im Off

Its Better By Bus

Are you a public transport traveller? Would you rather let the train take the strain or go by bus. We are encouraged to be green, but forget that for a while. If you have a car would you be without it [...]

Which Is Your Choice For Long Journeystrain Or Bus

i would prefer the train as it all the more comfortable,as it has basic facilities in the train itself like the washbasin,restroom,canteen,etc........sitting for long would break my back,i avoid trave [...]

Do You Sleep Well In Hotel Beds

i do! i am a chronic insomniac but if i am on a trip i usually get so tired of being in the car that ANYTHING feels great and i usually sleep like a Baby in hotel rooms.. i always heard of people complaining in the past about the quality of the Beds but i never have a problem.. how well do you sleep on them? do you [...]

People In The Poorer Countries Are Happy

I have been to places like South Africa, Kenya and Guatemala and although the people are poor they are so very happy. They might live in tiny houses and have poverty. They value their family and they don't have many possessions. I have been to places like Norway, Switzerland and the USA and some of the people are really [...]

Which Five Countries Are You Most Likely To Visit

I think that I will visit Canada next year if I save enough money. I have always wanted to visit Vancouver. I hope to go to Colombia to see Cartagena de Indies. I would like to go to Peru to see Machu Picchu. I fancy visiting Brazil to see Rio De Janeiro. I would love to go to Madagascar to see the lemurs. Which [...]

Would You Like To Visit A Beach, A Moutain Or A City

I think beaches can be really relaxing. Climbing a mountain can be peaceful and energetic. I think it can be interesting to visit a city with attractive looking architecture. What sort of beaches would you like to visit? or Which mountains do you think you would enjoy climbing? or Which cities do you dream of [...]

Gas Prices In Your Area

I was talking to my sister yesterday afternoon, and we got to talking about gas prices. I was shocked to hear how "cheap" (relatively speaking) gas prices were in her area! The lowest I've found gas in Seattle (near our apartment, at least) is $4.35. She's in Kansas City, and it's only $3.85 there. That's 50 cents difference, [...]

If You Receive Some Money, You Will Like To Travel Or Buy House And Cars

I have a friend, who receive a lot of money, and he decide to travel around the world, even he don t have his own house...of course that is his choice, but i am one who first want to have something stabil, as a house [...]

Have You Traveled To All Your Neighboring Countries

I have been to France, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway. I live in Europe which is full of tiny countries so it has been easy to visit all of those places. Have you visited all of your neighboring countries? If so which countries are these? If you haven't would you like to visit these [...]

Do You Enjoy Long Road Trips

Nothing better for me than a nice long road trip in a comfortable vehicle. I'm not interested in riding in a cramped back seat in a pickup truck, but I love riding Greyhound busses all over Canada and the USA. A train would be nice, but a Greyhound is a lot cheaper. Does anyone else enjoy nice long road trips? Why? For [...]

Singapore, China Or Thailand If You Are Given A Choice W/c 1 Wud U Choose

hi there. i need your opinion... if you are given a choice, which among the three places: Singapore, China or Thailand would you wish to travel? my friend and I are discussing our next trip... we are not yet sure... we have to mylot alot... hahahaha... but just the same... we need tips... we need your suggestions... hope [...]

Do You Like Hot Weather

I really love to travel to hot countries and enjoy sunny days. I felt a damp sort of heat when I was in Darwin in Australia. It was humid and straight after having a shower I felt wet again with sweat. I was there in the wet season when I was there. I went to Israel and Jordan in the summer dry heat. It was very hot indeed [...]

Should Illegal Immigrants Get Jobs Or Welfare

I am an immigrant to Canada. I was given the opportunity after 3 years to become a citizen and I took it. Before my citizenship here I was still allowed to receive healthcare from the province of Quebec where I live as well as having the opportunity to work. I just saw a special on how the US is trying to have more [...]

Have You Traveled On Any Long Bus Journeys

This summer I found the train system in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia was rather limiting. So I got the train when I could and buses for the rest of time. I was traveling with my toddler son. We left Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, and got the overnight bus to Tallinn, capital of Estonia. I saved a night's accommodation [...]

Swimming In The Sea Or In A Pool

What sort of water do you like to swim in? My favorite is from a white sandy beach on a palm fringed island. In the tropics the water can feel delightfully warm. I love to go snorkeling around a coral reef and see brightly colored fish. I only like swimming in the sea when the water is calm, with high waves and in rough [...]

Where Are You Planning To Go On Your Next Vacation

My husband and I are stuck in canada for now, due to our current situation, so we will likely vacation in Toronto or Montreal, two places that interest both of us. However, as soon as we get a few details ironed out, we'd love to travel to Europe, more specifically Denmark, Eastern Europe, Turky, Russia, and Ukraine. Where [...]

Rest Areas, They Arent Just Toilets Anymore.

I am amazed at the variety and amenities of many of the rest stops along the road these days. Many of them are cleaner than the restaurants and diners you can stop at on the road. Some of them are still plain, but some of them are magnificent. I intend to start discussions and upload pictures of a few of them. I regret [...]

Holiday Vacation Can You Afford A Break This Year

With the way prices are rocketing this year it looks like we won't be having much of a holiday this time around. Petrol prices going up mean that we won't be able to do nearly as much touring as we have done before and we certainly can't afford to jet off somewhere foreign and exotic, staying in a fancy hotel on a beach. My [...]

Phew And Now The Vacation Is Over! Lol

And I am back home and desperate to catch up with all my friends! I obviously won't be able to answer all the discussions from the past week but I will do what I can. I have had a great week and I am home and exhausted (even though I rested LOADS - promise! lol) I have missed you all and it is soo good to be back! Do you [...]

Which Countries Do You Want To Go To

I went around the world when I was 20 years old. I decided on a route that included Australia and some Free flights there. On that trip that lasted just over one year I went to the USA, Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. I still wanted to go to many other countries and when I was 30 years old I went on [...]

Do You Bring Anything With To Entertain Yourself While You Are On A Flight

I will be flying to Arizona on Tuesday and plan to purchase some new magazines and bring with a word search book. What do you do to entertain yourself on a flight? Or do you sleep while you are flying [...]

When You Travel, What Is Your Favourite Souvenier To Bring Home

When I travel to a new country, the first things I want to find are a flag of that country, and some recordings of that country's folk music. If I travel to a different part of a country from which I already have a flag, I like to try and find something else that is culturally important to that part of the country, and [...]

When Was Your Last Travel And Where

kyaaa! i am so tired and sleepy! we went to Hundred Islands at Pangasinan yesterday and i just got back home this morning. Hundred Islands is one of the major tourist's spot here in the Philippines and it is a national heritage popular not only to Filipinos but also to a lot of foreigners as well. happy it was our first [...]

Do You Take Photos When You Go To New Places

There are many beautiful and exortic places in countries around the world. I do get the chance, once in a while, to visit some of those places. I was in Salzburg, Austria, once. Oh, that was an awesome place, beautiful and so scenic ! I did not miss the opportunity to take photos of those scenic places. I have a collection [...]

Am I The Only Person, Whom Has Never Traveled, Outside Of The United States

I have met so many people, that have traveled outside of the U.S. I am wondering, have you ever been here in the U.S. all your life, without traveling to another country.. I have yet to travel to an foreign country. I may do so when my kids get a little older.. What about you, have you not traveled beyond the United States [...]

Going To A Place The First Time -do You Take A Map Or Seek Directions

If you going to a place the first time do you take a map or seek directions from friends or relatives if you don't know where the place is? It happened to me last week, I had to go to a place which I [...]

What Kind Of Public Transportation Do You Usually Take When Travelling

That is, travelling just for either a short distance or a long distance. In our country, there are many public transportations: Bus, taxi, van for hire, motorcab or tricycle, jeepney ( a unique Filipino public transport), pedicab (pedalled by the driver) and many more. Personally, for short distance travel, I prefer to [...]

Do You Have A Passport

I have a British passport and it lasts for ten years. My toddler son has a passport that he got when he was a baby. His passport will only last for five years and as you might be able to imagine his photo is already out of date. I need to get my older son a new passport because his has now expired. My passport is a burgundy [...]

Which Engish Speaking Country Would You Like To Visit

Thinking of all the English speaking countries like the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand which would you like to visit? Why? Have you been to some of these countries before? Do you live in one of these countries? I live in the UK and I have been to Ireland, the USA, Australia and [...]

My Weekend Plans Are Ruined!

My fella is all about doing some good traveling this summer, and we made plans this weekend to drive to a great zoo, and spending a couple of days teaching our little adventurer about all the animals. We invited our good friend to come with us and bring their kids, but yesterday, they backed out, due to the heat. I told [...]

Have You Ever Traveled By Sea

In my life so far I have just taken some short trips by sea. I have gone on ferries from the UK to France, on a ferry between Finland and Sweden and go some ferries between Singapore and Indonesia. I was very sick on a ferry between Indonesia and Malaysia. The roughest sea trips have been in my home country's waters. I [...]

What Colors Are The Taxis In Your City

Here the taxis are mainly yellow and green. Sometimes it'll have other colors like blue and red but it's not so common. [...]

If You Can Go Back To The Ancient Time, What Will You Bring

Last night I watched a movie called Somewhere in Time. I suddenly had an idea. If you could go back to the ancient time, what will you bring? I wonder whether we could survive it because I had no money. Beside, it was no electricity and the labor workin should be so hard and difficult. Although I have some advanced knowledge [...]

Which Destination Would You Prefer

1. Egypt: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and a cruise on the River Nile. 2. South Africa: Cape Town. 3. Canada: Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Rocky Mountains. 4. Philippines: island hopping and snorkeling. 5. Australia: Sydney, Ayers Rock and The Great Barrier Reef. 6. New Zealand: Auckland, Northland, Wellington [...]

How Safe Is It Travelling In Your City At Night

Here in the city where I live I have always found it safe to travel alone even at night. Probably because this city is very crowded and you see people on the roads even in the middle of the night. The only thing I avoid is to travel by a private vehicle at night. It is much safer to be travelling in public transport because [...]

How Many States Have You Been To

I have been to about 18 of them. I will be visiting a new state, Michigan this fall and also Canada, which will be the first time I have ever been out of the country. I'm also looking forward to seeing New York. I want to see some Mickey Mantle places by Yankee Stadium My daughter has been to 11 states and will also be adding Michigan and Canada to her list this fall. Her plan is to visit the 48 continental States during [...]

You Cannot Always Trust Gps

This morning in New York a driver turned right, as the GPS directed. It ran head on into a train. The three people in the car got out safely, and no one on the train was hurt. This is the second accident at that location, caused by faulty GPS direction. The newscaster says, "How hard is it to look out the window?" I do [...]

Im Leaving Guys. Its My Birthday.

I'm not leaving mylot. I'm going to Wisconsin tomorrow night. I will be gone until Friday night. It's not a long time, but it's a nice break. I will miss you all and talk to you again tomorrow before I leave. It's a 4 and a 1/2 hour trip, but it's well worth it. I'm going because it's my birthday on the 1st. I'll be 19 [...]

Glass Bottomed Skywalk Over The Grand Canyon

Here is a picture of the new Glass bottomed skywalk over the Grand Canyon. It extends over the west rim of the canyon about 70 ft. Its 4000 ft. over the canyon floor. Its designed to withstand winds of up to 100 mph. It has shock absorbers to keep it from wobbling as it is walked on. The cost to walk out on it is $25 a [...]

Train, Plane Or Automobile

I'm planning a trip out to California in hopefully April to visit my gf in N.Hollywood but I'm having a hard time deciding HOW to travel. While I'm there I plan on renting a scooter to see the sights but HOW I'm getting there is the issue. I have a bit of an issue with large airports even when I'm with my husband so having to deal with it alone could be a potentially bad bad scene for me but I might be able to pull it [...]

Was There A Place In Your Country That You Want To Visit But Never Had A Chance

Lets say you had been in many places, and sometimes you had been in another country but there was tis place in your country that you really want to visit so bad but you never had the chance because of some unexplainable circumstances. Was there a certain paradise found in your country that you always wanted to visit for [...]

How Far Will You Go

Are you travelling to visit loved ones for far are you going? I'll be staying put but one of my daughters is coming tomorrow from's just over 7 hours driving and that includes several stops for resting, peeing and shopping. 2 of my granddaughters will be with her and also their dog. Their [...]

Would You Vacation In A Country Where You Dont Know The Language

This question is purely hypothetical. When trying to plan out a legitimate spring break plan, I decided that I might not want to go to countries where I don't know the language (such as Mexico), just because I'd be afraid that something were to happen and I wouldn't be able to speak the native language of that country. [...]

Oh Mr Postman.........

The postman brought us a postcard the other day from a friend who is taking a short holiday. Apart from the minor miracle that the card arrived before she gets home I got to thinking about whether sending postcards is as popular now. I usually do send some, mean to send more, and have been known to buy them when away and [...]

Is It Neccessary To Have A Photo When You Are Travelling

i don't have a camera, so i will not to take many photoes when i am travelling. and i want to buy one. i keep telling myself to look into buying a new digital camera since i travel so much. i don't think it is neccessary to take photo when you are travelling. i seldom to remeber to [...]